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Hot water heater repair

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I have a Cinsa hot water heater, and although outside, it is in a mostly covered, walled in area.

During the past week, I have had to re-light the pilot light every day. I know we have had a couple windy days, but not every day.

My suspicion is leaning toward a problem other than wind.

Any suggestion on a home repair (bearing in mind that I am banned from the tool department at Home Depot and need an electrician to change a light bulb) or a good serviceman?

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There is something simple you can try first.  The pilot thermocouple is that little capped cylinder head thingy right nest to the flame and normally the top of it sticks into the flame.  Try cleaning it off lightly with sand paper, make sure it sticks into the flame, tighten the fitting where it goes into the control (the thingy with the knob you turn the heater on and set the water temperature with.  If that doesn't work it is almost certain the pilot thermocouple is bad.  It simply pulls out of the bracket the head is in and unscrews at the control, almost always on the bottom of same.  Unscrew, carefully remove noting just how it is installed, take the part to one of the hardware places and get a new one and reinstall the same way.

That should do it.

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4 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

I don't think  there is anything easy about changing a thermocouple,  but you could be smarter than me, and smaller  hands...Good  luck

I've done it many times, and it isn't rocket science, but I am mechanically inclined and the OP says he/she needs an electrician to change a lightbulb, so....

Those pilot/thermocouple parts tend to get rusted out after a few years, unless the heater is indoors. Sometimes the gas tube gets partially plugged with loose bits of rust and the gas doesn't flow properly, but new parts are so cheap, it's not worth taking the time to try to clean them out.

Could also be that the regulator is bad. 

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My plumber/electrician handles repairs and adjustments to the water heater. No special water heater service person required. If you're not a talented DIY person, you probably already have someone you use.

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