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Ilox Subscription Update

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Update on Subscriptions to Ilox


I am Dru Davies and I live in El Chante. My neighbor has been actively collecting subscriptions and advanced payments and taking them directly to the Ilox office in Guadalajara. I am sending this to give you, who are interested, the latest, correct information.


As of Wednesday, April 18, Ilox has received 100 paid subscriptions. They have an additional 25 that include only the required paperwork but have not received proof of deposit from the subscriber. They need 200 paid subscribers to proceed with the project. If they do not receive that number, they will abandon the project and refund the prepayments within 30 days.


I signed up when this began in 2017. In February I received a letter from Ilox indicating they had received 453 signups of which 390 were willing to prepay a year.


In El Chante, we have very poor Internet service, not only slow but intermittent. Ilox seems to be the answer to our problem. I have seen many posts on various web boards about similar problems and the fact that Telmex seems less than interested in upgrading their infrastructure.


I have read that some people are uneasy about depositing money into Ilox’s Bancomer bank account because they do not feel confident it will be returned if the project does not move forward. Ilox had a letter on file with PROFECO, Mexico’s consumer protection agency, stating that the any money deposited will be refunded within 30 days if the needed number of subscribers is not met and the project does not move forward. I have lived in Mexico for 22 years and have had 4 dealings with PROFECO against companies who misrepresented a product I purchased of did not provided the agreed upon service. PROFECO has come through every time and I have no doubt that Ilox will refund money if the project does not proceed.


This is the best chance we currently have of getting reasonable Internet and telephone service here at Lakeside. PLEASE if this is something that would be of benefit to you and you are interested, subscribe and prepay the one year. Showing interest by submitting the original “letter of intent” is great but if we do not get enough people to sign up and prepay, it will be “all for not”.


I would be more than happy to help provide additional information. If I do not know the answer, I will get it from Ilox. Please do not delay as the deadline is approaching.


You can also email Ilox at: info@mail.tvrey.com.mx or Tom Kessler, trkess@gmail.com

He is the man who has spearheaded this movement to get Ilox to provide service at Lakeside.


Dru Davies


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