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9 hours ago, Tiny said:

That sounds like traditional Mexican food, not the NOB's version of Traditional Mexican Food. That's a good.

So maybe the new Modern is the old Traditional.  HAHAHA

Kind of.  But with a twist, usually substituting seasonal or local ingredients in classics.  Upscale presentations/accompaniments/finishes/garnishes.

There are quite a few of these eateries in CDMX and also in SMA.....very very nice interesting stuff. 

Good luck to Bobby on his new adventure.  His place on the lake was our fave when we first visited Ajijic in 2007.   

The former El Serape location is walkable for us, but the outdoor area on the carraterra leaves a lot to be desired. 

FYI...anyone know what the deal is with the old Robertos, old Yves on the lakefront....all renovations there have been idle for quite a while.   Shame for it to be empty for so long.  

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15 hours ago, Tiny said:

With old traditional, they don't take the time and mess with the above. People want to eat.  They have been smelling it for a long time.  This is what I have every Sunday at my mother-in-law's.


The  old traditional classics already have that in it. Have you have corn fungus yet?

Huitalacoche .... mmmmmm, good.  In SMA it is commonly seen on menus.  Not here.  I have asked at the Ajijic tianguis but have never found it there either.  

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