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21 minutes ago, Kyle said:

Who does this?  Need to decrease the sunlite coming in

I have a huge skylight over the kitchen which was letting in way too much sun/heat, so I asked one of my usual workers to replace it with tinted glass.  Bad experience for me and embarrassment for my worker: his brother in law had just moved here, needed work, and my worker let him have the job.  That guy got glass with tinted film over it instead.  He had it cut manually at a local place, with the result that cracks began at the edges. The film does not last very long, so I needed to replace it with the real thing; tinted glass; machine cut. This may have changed over the last couple of years, but at that time there were no local places selling this and it had to come from Guadalajara and be cut there as well.  The tinted glass has worked and was well worth the increased cost.

My worker has since "retired" from the heavy jobs like that one.  Don't have a recommendation.


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Because tints (of any kind) will also cut down the sunlight and passive warmth when you may need it, you may want to look at other forms of "seasonal" sun blockage. Like a temporary cloth shade that can be secured with hooks on the outside and removed easily. Or?

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21 minutes ago, SunshineyDay said:

Dark screen material works when needed and easily removed when not.

We used nursery cloth (black) for a long time, but the multitude of cats in this neighborhood discovered it and you can imagine how that worked out.  ;)  It did work in the hot months, but it totally blocked the sight of the sky.  The tinted glass allows that.

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High quality corrugated plastic sheets in colors work well and are available here.  Best result is to not lay it flat like glass.  I would suggest that the installer put a curve into the shape of a dome for rain runoff.  The installer will make a sheet metal frame/flashing to attach to the skylight opening. The air pockets in the plastic sheets will add insulation value to keep the heat out.   A tinted/colored plastic sheet will keep out the direct rays of the sun.  We have used a light grey sheet with excellent results. The darker tints may not work well for some since they will block much more light.


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