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Kyle, Dr. Arroyo's information is just above in Alpha1's post.  Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez; Clinica de Rehabilacion Integral; Carr. Poniente #234 B Int., Ajijic; Tell. (376)766-5563.  She is in a strip of buildings just west of Yve's restaurant and right next to Crisco's hair salon.  

We have used both Dra. Justina and Dr. Francisco for the last 10 years or more and can't say enough good things about either of them.

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If you are having your own blood withdrawn and re-injected and you aren't waiting several days in -between, you're probably not getting much in the way of actual stem cells, which take days or weeks to grow.


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The stem cells we were given were mesenchymal stem cells harvested from placenta.  The mother was monitored and tested for various diseases throughout her pregnancy.  She had to be under 25 years of age and had to have a cesarean birth in order that the stem cells were not contaminated.  They were then grown in a lab and harvested the day they were used.

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10 hours ago, RickS said:

On the subject of amniotic and umbilical cord products...


"In addition, it should be noted that while the clinical evidence in this area is evolving and one day may support the clinical efficacy of cryopreserved birth tissues for some orthopedic applications, no such evidence exists at this time."

That pretty much sums it up...

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That's the reason we went into this without any expectations.  When you are looking at having nothing else medically to help, you try alternative therapy.  We did a lot of research and knew the good and bad outcomes.  We also talked to people it had helped and didn't help.  Our doctor told us we might not see a good outcome.  We did however and have the blood test and the healthy body as payment for trying.  If anyone out there is in a similar situation just remember every good thing that has happened in medicine took years and many sceptics.  This is not a treatment that I imagine the medical community .. at least the part of the community that is more interested in profits.. is interested in seeing go forward.

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While it *is* true that the US medical system is most definitely a profit-oriented system, this angle has been used by countless charlatans (also profit-oriented) to push and sell every imaginable fake product and treatment to the desperate and gullible. It always breaks my heart when I see terminal cancer patients get to that point. The next thing you know their life savings are down to zero just to enrich some snake-oil salesman, often in Mexico border towns. 

Found a very nice balanced overview of the state of stem cell therapies here:


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Most of the major medical schools and medical research centers have large, full scale research sites exploring the many types of stem cells and the areas of the body that can be treated. Mayo, Stanford and many others have such centers. These are highly respectable, long-standing institutions and they aren’t making profits from the research. 

I did not find the article above to be scientific or even handed. It was a critique citing no reference or particular research studies. I have a Ph.D. and worked in a large research institute at Indiana University early in my career so I gave some idea of how well designed, legitimate research is done. As such, I did a review of the scientific, peer reviewed research articles, including a meta analysis. I found that for joints there is real promise. It is crazy to inject someone’s brain with stem cells! But the research on application for joints is growing rapidly. 

I recently received these injections in both knees and am awaiting the results. I have a wonderful pain doctor who is not into medicine “for the money.” While many providers out there are charging thousands of dollars, he charged me $800. for both knees. Truly, he is not a “for profit” physician, a rare inspiration in medicine. 

Beware of broad, sweeping articles. Instead focus on the particular area you need help for. Do Google Scholar searches, etc. and only look at the actual research, the particular type of stem cells and the actual statistics and findings. You have to dig deeper. Yes, it’s true that it will take years to determine the longterm outcomes, but my knees hurt now and I am facing surgery if this diesn’t Work for me.

I decided for $800 it was definitely worth the possibility of avoiding surgery which has much higher risks, is much more expensive and requires long term healing. 

Good luck and don’t be turned off by the big, for-profit centers. There is a sports medicine center at the university in my city and one of their orthopedic surgeons is using it for joint treatment. Just stay open and do well defined research. 

Good luck. 

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On ‎4‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 6:11 PM, toots2 said:

Hoping someone can recommend a doctor locally who has successfully treated osteoarthritis of the knee.  It sounds a lot better than knee replacement!   Thanks in advance, from my aching knee !

Hi toots2, How are you?

I am Nicolas Pellegrin, I work for the Provida corporate situated in Guadalajara (Mexico).

We are a Comprehensive Medical Corporate with more than 16 years of experience in the investigation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and their application within Regenerative Medicine.

We have the largest laboratory in Latin America, where we carry out the production of CMM and research to help increasingly improve the quality of life of more patients.

For the moment we have established clinics in this mexican cities. Guadalajara, Mazatlán, Tijuana

However, we can offer you some discounts with hotels so you can visit to the clinic of your choice, and thath would make your stay as economical as possible.

We obtained very good results and save several life thanks our regenerative treatments, particularly diabetes, obesity, arthritis, dorsal spine disease, and chronic degenerative diseases.

If you need more information, you can check our website or social media:

https://www.facebook.com/CryoVidaMx/   https://cryovida.com.mx/index.html

Whatsaap: +52 33 3628 2005

Best Regards,

Nicolas Pellegrin

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