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Cataract surgery


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One word of caution, and I may have posted this before.

My wife had one eye done and it worked out fine.

I had one eye done, and it worked out fine.

I had the second eye done and there were problems.

First, I'm sure the doctor that did my wife's eye and my first one, was not the same doctor that did my second eye. I'm 99% sure his female trainee did it.

I ended up with a droopy eyelid. I read up on this and it can happen in 5-7% of the cases. Otherwise, it can be due to the use of a metal Speculum. Also, in the second surgery, I was given an injection into my eye that neither my wife or I received before.

It's very inconvenient for me now. I know I can get it fixed, but don't like surgery around my eyes.

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I have had one eye done by a doctor not mentioned on this topic. There were big problems as air got into my retinal area and there were air cysts pressing on my retina. I was having trouble seeing but thought as some have said " oh it sometimes takes time"  I went to Dra.Claudia who had me xrayed and found the lumpy retina. Off to the retinal specialist who injected something into my eye as well as an anti-inflammatory. I was told I was lucky to have come as if I didn't there would not be any progress with the effected eye.  So healing and on to the right eye with Dra. C. All is coming along well.She cleaned the left lens which was dirty. I may have to wear a contact or reading glasses because of the left eye.  While paying for the most expensive lens and still need contact or glasses is frustrating , I am so grateful I still have my sight and do not have to wear glasses all the time.   BTW  I still go for my glasses out of habit.

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On ‎8‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 1:31 AM, bezerk said:

It is for my mother, she was too nervous and scared before.  She did see DR. Rios, but I would like a second opinion with Dra Claudia I think.


We then will see if both are on the same page, prices and who seems a better fit.  Mother says she is ready now, so we will see.

Open to any further suggestions or thoughts! 

Thanks in advance, Can someone fill me in on the procedure, from start to finish so I can give Mom more info so as to ease her anxiety.


If you'd like to PM me, I'll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have, including the actual procedure. Since I went in with numerous retina problems, I was wearing a VERY large yellow stripe down my back. It went very smoothly and was over before I even had a chance to get too scared.

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