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Police Clearance Letter

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I'm looking for the office in Chapala that issues police clearance letters.   I have an older such letter that was issued in Chapala by Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses headed by Direccion General Archivo de Identificacion Criminalistico.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I believe it all depends on what and why you need a clearance letter.   State clearance for Jalisco is done in Guadalajara.   Federal clearance is done in Mexico City although there is a Federal Department that SHOULD be able to do it in Guadalajara they are not geared up to do so.   Both State and Federal clearance letters have been/are required on the path for citizenship/passport.

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It is a criminal record background check (for Jalisco?).  Had to get one for my wife for visa to immigrate to US last June.  It's at the main Federal Building (SRE) on Alcalde a few blocks past the cathedral on the right side of the street as you drive north.  Can't remember which floor but ask the information attendant before entering the building.  We went early and were among the first to enter when they opened the office.  Line behind us formed rapidly.  Took 3 minutes, checking ID on computer and taking a digital photo and printing it up as we waited.  Easy, fast and cheap.

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