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Power outage affecting Interent in West Ajijic

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Getting phone call from people with no Internet, and I cannot call them back on their landlines. (It is almost 1pm Friday March 30). So contrary to some reports, the power is STILL out. Please pass this info along when you can, because those without Internet, of course, will not see this post.

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Well at least in my part of upper Ajijic where the power was out, I was able, just now, using my Telmex phone, to call my VoIP phone that has a US area code and get it to ring here. via Telmex Infinitum.  (But, still no Telecable internet or TV)

Time to go reset my digital clocks. :) 

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Telecable, both TV and internet are now working at my home. so at least everything is working here. Oh and something very strange. This is Easter Friday and all kind of folks should be on line yet I am getting 5.3 down by 1.7 Mb/sec up which I am paying for making me think this is or was a major outage effecting many people.




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