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Power outage in El Centro


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Yes the signal lights were out and it was a mess. People could not open their garage doors etc. I got home and was about to operate the garage door release lever so that I could manually open the garage door and all of a sudden the pool pump went back on and I discovered that my garage door again had power and could open.

Sadly in upper Ajijic, neither Telecable analog or digital TV is working nor is Telecable internet.  At least Telmex is functioning

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Here's a snap of the work from about 1400 this afternoon. These guys were on it pretty quickly ku dos to them.Power was back on by then in my neck (west Ajijic) but traffic lights were out all the way to La Floresta. Traffic was a mess. Cars going every which way. Almost hit head-on by a car going the wrong way on a one-way. Time to turn it up and enjoy the beautiful day and ignore the crazy. Traffic was even worse on the way back at about 1600 -- actual mini NYC style gridlock at the Libramiento. Always best to lay in food stocks for this weekend an leave the car travel to the amateurs. We won;t have to go out again until Monday except for early or late dog walks.


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