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New to the Ajijic Malacon 24/7 (lost or abandoned dog)

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Newly arrived within the past week.  Locals say this dog does not appear to belong to anyone and it appears to be newly dumped. Does anyone recognize this dog?

Appears to be trying to look for someone.



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This looks a lot like a dog that was in the La Lucerna area (on the south side of the carretera in West Ajijic, west of the cemetery).  It was in that area for maybe 5 days, definitely waiting and looking for somone.  Very afraid, skittish and unapproachable, but people were leaving food out for it.  I then saw it a couple of days ago on Ocampo in central Ajijic.  But both times I saw it before it had a tattered halter on. (Could have also had the collar.)

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