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American Legion Restaurant Menus

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They open for breakfast a 9AM and the prices are very economical.

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On 12/8/2018 at 4:03 PM, gringal said:

Is that posted menu showing current prices?

The Chapala American Legion website is not responding as I write this, so I can't confirm that the menu there has been updated or not, but the menu that I saw there before is the basis for my previous post stating a price rise. When I went there in summer, 2018, prices where as on the menu. For example: The Tuesday filet mignon special was 130 pesos. Then, when I went again in November, 2018, the menus were the same ones, but they had nearly all prices taped over with new prices written in. The filet mignon special was 150 pesos.

I am seeing similar price rises all over the lakeside area. 

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