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Homemade fresh Probiotic edibles anyone?


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Hello to all. I've just joined the group and look forward to getting to know you. I'm Steve from Colorado and will be locating myself there soon.

I'm semi-retired, but want to stay busy with volunteering and maybe a little business on the side. Would anyone have an opinion about a passion of mine? Good health & high energy! I've been into fermenting foods for many years; sauerkraut, pickles, veggies of all kinds, cinnamon apples, yogurts, etc. There's no doubt they work wonders on all kinds of gut related issues. Anyway, I'm wondering if there might be a demand for these PROBIOTIC magic foods along the lakeshore. Just a casual business for specific customers, I'm not interested in opening a store.

Thanks for any feedback you might have for me!

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