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Huge Hibiscus ATTACKED by Japanese Beetles

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I bought my rental and have a HUGE Hibiscus bush/tree in my yard that is now, for the first time, infested with Japanese Beetles. After lots of research I am sure that's what I have. I have a GREAT Gardner but with a translation problem AND he works at a huge condo with no Hibiscus, not familiar with them, I am sure he is at a loss too. I Google translated the best I could info on what we should do. 

My question is  If what we do does not work has anyone had a Professional Service come in for this problem and if so who are they- give info please!


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Had the problem NOB and everybody used Japanese beetle traps to protect their trees. They are available on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Spectracide-Japanese-Beetle-Trap2-56901/dp/B008JDRV98/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522175224&sr=8-1&keywords=japanese+beatle+trap

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4 hours ago, Joyinmexico said:

Thanks to both of you!

They live in four stages of growth.  If you break the cycle now by physically taking the beetles from the plant (hire someone to do it) and killing them, they will not be able to produce the next generation.  As to beetle removal, one can apply a soap-water spray mixture then the next day shake the plant vigorously and pick the insects off the ground. Be aware that with the traps, many of the beetles simply avoid the traps and travel to nearby plants, including non-hibiscus plants, then later drop to the soil layer and lay eggs which starts the next generation (which develops in the ground) .  Next year - same problem with your hibiscus. The key is breaking the cycle. 

Longer term control can be done by applying the biological congrol, milky spore, Paenibacillus (formerly Bacillus) popilliae. The USDA developed this and it is commercially available in powder form for application to lawn areas.  Now, the trick may be to obtain this in Mexico.  If you like, I will ask a friend of mine, one of the real experts on nontoxic insect control at lakeside, about obtaining this.

There are various insect predators and parasitoids available in the US and possibly here if the necessary investigation is made.

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