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Looking for Pegboard

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Was in GDL yesterday at Home Depot, hoping to find and buy some pegboard and hangers to tidy up the cabinet where tools are kept, but no luck.  Hoping someone may know where I can find these items.

Many thanks,

Valerie :)

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Tried Home Depot, Office Depot and local Ferreterias, no luck!  :(

Anyone have ideas?


Val  :)

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Amazon.com.mx and MercadoLibre have them, mostly metal (some are painted in bright colors).  If you have Amazon Prime, some are free next day delivery.  Search in both English and Spanish to see everything, best Spanish translation I could find is, tablero de clavijas. 

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On 5/14/2018 at 5:45 PM, dave0415 said:

The  madereria cross the highway from Soriana. Maybe????

Yes, this is the place!  I have bought 2 8'x4' sheets from there over the last year.  I was surprised Home depot carried the hooks but not the pegboard.  Also, Walmart has been selling small pegboards with plastic hooks as a kit in a box

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