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Speech-Language Pathology?

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Hello everyone,

My name is Beth Macauley and I am a speech-language pathology professor (Ph.D., CCC-SLP) in the US.  My expertise is adult speech, language, and swallowing disorders, but I have 30 years of clinical practice across the scope of practice with both children and adults. I have been coming to GDL for the past 4 years to provide services for a few weeks every summer, including at an equinoterapia program.  I am looking at the possibility of moving but need info about whether SLP services are needed?  And how people pay for SLP services? I can not find information online about speech therapy availability in Guadalajara (or Mexico in general!) and how people find and pay for speech therapy services in GDL, Chapala, and surrounding areas.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you very much.  Oh, I am "semi-fluent" in Spanish, working on being more fully fluent...

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Well as long as someone "heard it" that must be good enough. This chat board is gonna put lawyers, real estate agents, Notarios and who knows who else outta business. Who needs professionals when everything is right here? Who needs the Table of Knowledge, we've got the "Board of Knowledge".

Dilly Dilly

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I recomend you talk with Kassandra A King , she is an alzheimers expert and guidance working in the area for people in this condition, you can find her in lake chapala society.

 good luck on you project..

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