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Tony's Original in San Antonio


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Went into Tony's a few weeks back and after waiting 10 minutes for a menu/ drink/ anything, we left. They were not busy.

Went back tonight to see how it was (with a backup plan). Service was okay, not great, but okay. Prices were up from last year, okay too. Service and food was okay, ribs could have been a tad more cooked.

The big surprise was the bill. They added 16% IVA. Everyone in town, including Walmart put IVA in the price. BIG SURPRISE.  So I asked for a facture (proof that I paid them the IVA). No can do. The person who handles that has gone home. FINE! as the kids say. But there are numbers on the receipt to request a facture. The numbers do not work. I will try again tomorrow, but right now I am pretty unhappy with the deviation from what we all know (IVA is included) and then not being able to get a facture from them or on the website they tell you to go.   BIG RIP OFF!

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As best I recall from the past, Tony's cash register receipt shows the IVA separately, but isn't adding it on top of the menu price.  I remember being confused by it, but when we went back and added up the menu prices we determined we weren't being over-charged.  This was quite awhile ago.  

But yes as others have said, the menu prices have to include IVA, it can't be added on to those prices.  

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