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Payment for Cleaning Lady


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I have found some answers to this question but they are several years old.  Our cleaning lady has worked in this house for her whole life.  Up to this point she was paid by the property management company at a current rate of 43.16p per hour.  She is the most honest person I have met, leaving any little thing she finds on the floor (besides dust) for us to see if it is important.  And also house-sitting for us on occasion.

We will now be taking over payment of her wages and would like to raise her to what is comparable to other house cleaners in the Ajijic area.  I would appreciate some input as to what others are paying for a similar service.


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Before you hire her, be certain that you get a copy of her finiquito as acknowledgement that she has been paid for all those years by the property management company. Otherwise, you may have some very expensive surprises coming your way.  You might even want to consult Spencer, at Chapala Law, to check those details, and to prepare her new hiring contract for you.

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Worked since she was a baby!?

As others have said make sure the management company has fully paid her for her years of service. It can be a lot-I just paid off a gardener for 9 years of work-over 20,000.  Then 45 pesos per hour

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The payout is tens of thousands of pesos and if she is not paid off now you owe for all of it.

After 15 years there is an extra 12 days per year of service. 



yes meet with Spencer.


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