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there is a small airport along the shores on the North side of Lake Chapala where some folks keep their ultralights and other small aircraft. I am guessing it is may be 10 to 15 Km east of Chapala. I have not been there for 15 years so perhaps someone else can add more pertinent information and exactly where it is. About the only thing I remember is that it is on the lake side of the road that heads East along the shores of the lake.

I just looked on Google Earth and the small airport is South and a little West of Santa Cruz de la Soledad, which as I posted above is East of Chapala.

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Johanson is correct. The airfield is just West of Santa Cruz but my understanding is that it is a pretty much "closed" private club airfield.

If you are looking to learn to fly trikes, rent hanger space etc etc then  Jalisco has, in my view, the best instructor and club/airfield in the country just East of San Marcos.

Look up Kordich Airsports on Google. Pedro Kordich is an amazing instructor. I'm converting from paramotor to trike ( 2 very different beasts) with Pedro and loving it  --- well worth the 45 minute trip over the mountain to get there.

Let me know if I can help in any way.



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