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Heliocol pool solar panel parts

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Check Tecno Agua, they list Heliocol on their website

To your comment, actually the Techno Solis brand is # 1 rated by the NSTF, with a 10 year warranty, and the 1 piece construction has no parts; the interior flow channels are part of the flat plate construction and can withstand freezing solid (not exactly an issue locally.....) and 150 MPH winds when installed correctly.    Being happily used all across the area at both condo and private pools and less expensive than the Heliocol, tambien.



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Two totally different products, sorry for any confusion.    

If you needed a new / replacement pool panel or system, I was mentioning the Techno-Solis as a great way to go instead of the Heliocol.

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1 hour ago, econ man said:

I need a part called a "latch". It's a small wedge shaped keeper that locks the clamshell type panel clamp that seals the end cap on the larger tube.

Can you use a stainless 3" screw clamp or a piece of 2" radiator hose such as that linking the panels with an interenal PVC plumbing plug?  

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