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Speed test at Maskaras Clinic

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Have you checked with your neighbors to see if there Telmex speed is also that slow the-valerieleigh? I live 1,700 meters NW of the Telmex office and I get, as shown above, 10 Mb/sec down. How do I know the 1,700 meter figure? I don't but that is what shows up on the computer at the Telmex office. 

Luckily they rewired Juarez from the libramiento to the top of the hill about 8 years ago and the telephone line wiring in my house is newer as well. 

If your neighbors all get faster service, the problem might be in the wiring in your house.

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I will ask my neighbors, we've had TelMex here so many times, we're practically family.  We've dealt with this slow and intermittent internet for years.  They initially insist the problem is the modem, then they say it's the internal wiring and eventually they find something out on the street that is either burned out, disconnected or damaged.



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