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Hi all ... this is my first time on a forum, so please forgive any faux pas I may commit.  Also, now that I have registered, I see this forum is for the Chapala area - I'm in Guanajuato - but I think my question is basic enough that answers/help can apply from almost anywhere in Mexico.  Additionally, I could not figure out where the thread I saw was on the forum, so I started a new one.  Again, please forgive any blunders I'm making.  I appreciate any help!

I can't text to the US.  I brought my iPhone 5c (yeah, I know, pretty old school) from AZ, removed the Verizon SIM card, purchased a pre-paid plan via TelCel Centro, which is to include talk/text to the US.  I can call the US so far, but texts won't go through (text not delivered message in red).  I have FB messenger, snapchat, and other apps and I can access internet via data and WIFI.  I have gone into my contacts and added 001 before the US area code.  I have also rebooted my phone.  Still nada.  I can't see anything obvious in my settings that I should change.  My hubby is doing just fine - he's able to text and call all he wants (iPhone 6, formerly Verizon AZ).  During my search I saw info regarding CDMA vs GMS ... but, that doesn't seem to make a difference for the hubby's phone.  I'll be texting alot of the same peeps he's already texting.  And, no English at TelCel support (unless you have suggestions for that!) and my Spanish is not good enough to even attempt this conversation.

Help?  Anyone?

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I thought Verizon was CDMA which is not the standard format down here but is used by some carriers in the US. WE use a non compatible system which as you pointed out is GSM. In the states I only know of T-Mobile and AT&T who also use GSM.

I had better stop here. Because I didn't even know that a CDMA compatible iPhone would also be compatible with the Mexican GSM format.

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Here's one thing to try: On the messages app on the iPhone (not iMessage), instead of entering 001 before the US phone number, try entering +1 and the 10-digit phone number.

Theoretically should not make a difference, but I think the + sign tells the Telcel cellular network that it's an international text message.

Just an idea...




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