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Store that Sells Vapes for Dry Cannabis in GDL

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Just google "Guadalajara Smoke Shop Vape" and you'll see a lot of places. I'm not an expert, but was on an errand run with a friend who wanted to get some things so we stopped at one. They're not hidden. The one we went to was in a two-story strip mall on top of an OXXO on the west side of Guadalajara. Don't know if it was high-end but they had all kinds of things I'd never seen before. Guadalajara has everything.

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29 minutes ago, johanson said:

Isn't it available lakeside? I thought there was a post so stating maybe a year ago one could get one at the dildoeria or whatever the store is called in Ajijic.

He lives in Vallarta and is not coming here

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Nice Vaping in Guad (actually Zapopan) may have what the OP is searching for (I'm not positive) and on orders if 1500 pesos or more it's even free next-day delivery. That's where I get my normal vaping products including batteries, vaporizers and juices from and find them quite reliable and prompt. An account or registration will of course be needed to buy from them.



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