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Have avid bicyclists coming for lakeside visit.  Anyone have experience or references

to what are best routes for recreational travel?  Aside from the limited bicycle and walking path

are the highways an option.  Any experienced or knowledge based ideas/comments?

Any cautions?



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The Tapatios ride on the road shoulders all the time.  We brought bikes down but ended up not using them because they were just too hard on the back on the cobblestones.  To each his own but personally speaking the way they drive around here I'd never ride on any of the local roads.


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I bike on the shoulder of the highway between the Train Station in Chapala which is ±1 km just East of Christiana Park towards the Vista de Lago Golf Club & then further to Mascala. Bike against the traffic being aware of random  bus stops & very large agricultural equipment, shifting when req'd to go with the traffic on the other side of the highway. I always acknowledge vehicles who give me some extra space as they approach. they seem to appreciate a nod of the head for giving way as they move towards or over the centre line. All bikes & pedestrians are to be waved at & spoken to with the appropriate salutation. You will have a wonderful time, but take care as cars pass each other, which can be disconcerting if you are not paying attention to what might be coming from  behind you. This is used by some, as a high speed highway, by others casually in cars trucks etc as a casual means to the end aka Chapala. Watch out for loose Horses, Cattle & Dogs along the verge.

This is somewhat rural Mexico at it's best & worst, otherwise do not bother. I do the trip 3 times a week as time & circumstance allows. Enjoy but be aware & be careful. If you can, have flashing LEDS front & rear to increase your visibility to the frequent users on cell phones talking to??

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