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What closed restaurants do I NOT miss


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This is not meant to be a trolling topic, but I have just as many discussions about restaurants I don't care for, as those I do. When I first arrived here, I was in vaycay mode, and EVERY restaurant was great. Then time and experience took over. Ironically, some of the places in the "Do miss" thread were major disappointments to me.

Laurent's place at Casablanca: consistently average or below-par renditions of French cuisine, over-priced. Case in point: coq au vin, cooked in white wine, no sign of brandy. Heads rolled for less.

Jael's two little Egyptian-themed. Really nice guy, really greasy, heavy food, and burnt half the time, also too expensive. Have to hand it to him for trying, though, particularly when you consider the difficutly getting ingredients.

Gaucho Tequila: one big miss.

Just Chillin': in the beginning, these guys were great and fun. Then food quality evaporated, prices went up, and they lost interest.

Taste of Thai (Interlago plaza): terribly nasty owner, rude treatment of guests, good food.

La Una (first and second place). Yikes, mediocre, high-priced. Snooty.

Jose's Illusion: great at first, two of us got stomach problems twice in a row because of old grease.

Number 4 and Four: too many reasons to even begin, none to do with the quality of the food.

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Interesting that it’s already Thursday and not one person has commented yet. Let’s see...

Bubba’s or any of the other restaurants that have been in that location, which now houses an attorney’s office

Monte Cristo 

Reddy’s Sanwiches

Aurora and Pepe’s (or vice versa)

Junky Monkey

Delirio Pizza

Avocado Club

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