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Rental agencies, especially right now, will not want to take the time to chauffeur anyone around to look at neighborhoods.  Especially if they are not going to benefit  financially.  If you want to see the inside of a particular house(s) in contemplation of renting, that's a different story.

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FYI, I was at dinner in Ajijic last year with a couple of (Ajijic) realtors who laughed about and made fun of a client of theirs who had asked to see properties in  Chapala.  "Chapala!  Can you imagine??  Why there's nothing to see there, no restaurants, nothing on the malecon!"  My teeth dropped out and I asked incredulously, "Have you EVER seen Chapala??"  No response.  BTW, Chapala has dozens of restaurants, and a lovely malecon that is miles long, full of fountains and art and plantings and shops and walkways and...all sorts of stuff!

But to answer the OP's question - I don't know of anyone who offers tours of Chapala neighborhoods.  Maybe you'll get lucky and find a realtor who a) knows Chapala and B) is willing to show someone around there.

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Dear CCW,  It is pathetic you are on your own to discover the town of Chapala. Chapala holds many attractive features unbeknownst to recent arrivals which for some reason or another are not voluntarily offered as an optional place to reside. Please, do not let that deter you. The promoters of Ajijic are wired within a radius of a goldfish bowl.. Unfortunately, that does not not extend beyond certain parameters to see another world. I would be willing to spend an afternoon with you to become acquainted with Chapala. Under construction, some roads are not accessible at this point in time however, it is still manageable to see much beyond the inconvenience.

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