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Honoring a great volunteer

gary c.

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Many people around the lake knew Bud Gallagher through all the work he did with so many charities, churches, and just helping any one who called.  He recently passed away and those who worked with him have established a memorial fund to keep his good work going.  You would have seen him at LCS providing information and help ... or at spay and neuter clinics hauling boxes and food ... or taking a villager to a doctor’s appt ... or bringing food to Operation Feed. He was always there for so many of us.  He really believed that we needed to do more to help those in need climb up to the next step. In his honor, Operation Feed has established a special fund for projects to do just that.  Help for the knitters group ... funding the nutrition classes that may help with the diabetes crisis ... and funds to pay for glasses, medicines, etc.  

We invite you to contribute just $30 US or $500 pesos to become a member of the Bud’s Giving Tree. Let us know how you want your name listed. This tree will serve as a reminder to all of us who volunteer that our efforts will last longer than we do.  Plus Bud’s family will have a permanent visible reminder of how much Bud meant to all of us.  You can donate through our website or by calling Jon Seaborg or at Viva Mexico.  





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