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Good price for iron bars/window protection?

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What would be a reasonable price for iron bars over a window or a door?  Per sq meter, or a door 1 m. wide by 2 m. high, more or less.  I know the intricacy of the work affects price, so lets must say "some" curlicues, like 1/3 of the piece.  I would be ordering 6 windows each 1 m x 2, and one set of doors 2 m x 2m (each door 1m x 2m).  

Any appx price will help me.  Thanks.


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I suggest you go directly to the source....the various iron workers in the area.

I have used Beto Munoz, El Tempisque Herreria, for years doing many types of security upgrades as well as other work.  

He is on the carretera 21-A which is across the carretera which is next to La Mesa restaurant, or across the street from the old El Serape.

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 I have already gone to the source, and received a quote.  That is why I am asking, as I am trying to determine if it is a reasonable quote, or whether I should continue searching.

I don't know why, but whenever I ask questions on this forum related to prices, I seem unable to receive any replies of first-hand experience.  I understand that each situation is different, yet there is usually a somewhat standard price for work done.  Maybe your windows only measure 1m x  1m, but for my 1m x 2m windows I can double what you paid and get an approximate cost.  So, why can you not share what you paid for your windows?

Does nobody remember how much they paid for something?  Are they embarrassed that they might have paid too much?  Is it because nobody is purchasing these items and therefore they have no experience? 

I have been looking to buy a twin size, basic wood slatted base with drawers.  I have visited 3 places and received 3 quotes. I can recall, to the peso, each place and the price I was quoted. If someone on this forum asked a question about buying a twin bed, I would not answer with a long paragraph that starts with "It depends" and goes on further to give absolutely no information, other than the complexity of the variables involved.  I already realize there are numerous variables, and I assume the person asking  the question knows this, also.

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Why do you suspect the quote to be unreasonable?  If you are simply shopping for the cheapest price, you can take your sketch and dimensions to as many ironworkers as you wish. Then, decide if the differences may be for a good reason.  Sometimes they are for reasons totally unrelated to the quality and efficiency of the work, but more to do with the person making the request, and how the request is made.

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Why anyone would be asking prices on such a specific item beats me..  I never have and never would buy based on price.. Know severall on this forum who have asked about price and have gone to the cheapest one suggested on here.. They got the best price and the cheapest job.. 

When you get a quote ask to look at some finished product .. Check the quality of the work. Ask what other jobs they have done in the area, go take a look at them..

If you like the work then pay the price.. 

The bitternes of poor quality work remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 


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