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Getting auto sticker in Laredo


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First time thru everyone kept waving ... and before we knew it, we're on the way to Ajijic (of course illegally without a sticker).  Had to get Atty Spencer to help get us the 6 month tag.  NOW, we need to go back to Laredo and then re-enter to get another tag. 

Can anyone give me suggestions on:

1. Removing the current tag that expires at the end of this month? (do I remove it or does the Mexican govt do this?)

2. Where do I go to get the new tag?

Thanks so much!

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At the border, or interior checkpoint some 20 miles earlier in some crossings, you must stop at an Aduana Banjercito booth or office, where you present your car‘s Importada Temporal & they will remove the sticker and give you a formal receipt for it. Keep that forever.  On your return to Mexico, you must get a new sticker (Importada Temporal) and its paperwork. Keep that safe.  Deposits are returned to the same credit card used to pay them, unless you paid in cash, in which case they will return cash.

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If your going to Laredo cross at Colombia, much eaiser to find also, no line ups.. 

After you enter the complex you see a small white shack on your left. Stop there and someone will come out and remove the sticker and give you a receipt, keep that receipt, it's your proof that you have retuned the sticker.. After you return the sticker you will see a large white building on your left, it's the INM building, drive over there and hand in the bottom half of your 180 day visa. 

Go over the bridge and clear US customs.  After you have done that you have about a 17 min drive into Laredo.  You will be in the north end of Laredo, lots of hotels, I usually stay at the Days Inn right off I-35.

if your comming back the next day just reverse your route. After you cross the bridge into Mexico you will see the INM building on your right, with a small parking lot next to it.

Colombia does not open until 8am,  in 11 yrs of crossing there I have neve seen a line at INM,  you should be in and out in about 15 -20 mins. 

When I hand in my FMM form when exiting I always ask for a blank form so I can fill it in before hand,  it makes the process faster on your return into Mexico.

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NOTE: writing while TelsZ4 was posting.....


If your only reason for driving to the border is to get a new TIP sticker, then I’d probably use the Colombia crossing ‘around/just west of’ Laredo. The Laredo Bridge II Aduana building is a bit hard to find if one isn’t sure where it is.  Colombia is super quick from a processing standpoint but is quite a slept out there.

Approaching the crossing, meaning within 100yds thereof, there will be a little booth on the left. You’ll stop at it. You must have the original paperwork (the sticker came on this) to hand to the attendant. He/she will take some photos of your VIN# (so he/she may ask you to open your driver’s door). Then either they will remove or you will be asked to remove the sticker from the interior of the windshield.... so do NOT remove it before you get there. The sticker comes off (most of it) by lifting the bottom/left corner and pulling up. You may want to ‘begin’ this process before the booth. Unless the sticker is super old, it will come right off... leaving a residue but that’s OK.

Then one can proceed to the main building to get another TIP sticker. Right after leaving the booth you’ll keep left and park in the covered parking area; go into the building to the office/window that issues the TIP.  You didn’t say what your visa status is, but if you are in on a Tourist Card you will, at that office, also have to turn in/cancel your old Tourist card and get a new one. If you are a Residente Temporal just let the TIP window know this.... show them your card.

IF, and it is a big IF, they say you cannot cancel and get another one at the same time (highly unlikely) then just cancel your Tourist Card if appropriate, proceed to cross the US border and come back after that shift changes. The Colombia crossing is out in the boonies so one might want to take a book to read or drive back into Laredo Tx for a beer.  

P.S. There were a pair of “mordida” cops in the last 5 miles on the road to the Colombia crossing, so watch for a 40kpm speed limit and drive slowly. They stopped me last week and said I was speeding. After a bit I just told them that I spoke no Spanish and would pay at the police station and they backed off.

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