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On 10/30/2019 at 11:59 PM, bdmowers said:

Looking for other experienced harmony singers to work up some Carter family/bluegrass/roots songs.

Well that's me.  Back from the trip and definitely interested.  Sing tenor and high leads and focus on very traditional Bluegrass as opposed to the "Newgrass" version.

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On 11/19/2019 at 9:42 PM, -jz- said:

Hi @bdmowers, I'm in Ajijic for about a month, if you're still looking for someone to work on harmonies give me a shout.  I play guitar and piano, sing baritone/tenor-ish.  It's been a while since I've done harmony but would really like to do it again.  Cheers!  Jeff, jzohrab at gmail dot com.

Hi, jz, I sent you a PM.

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6 hours ago, Djangoplayer said:

Hi I’m new to Ajijic. I play jazz/ blues/ rock guitar and I’m looking for musicians to play with. 



3 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

Go over to La Bodega Bar on 16 de Septiembre on Tuesday night around 7 PM and talk to the band there.  I'll bet they can help you out.


There`s a couple of good jazz groups and some duos and also rock bands. As MC says, Bodega is a good place to start.  I would add the Chapala open mike on Thrusdays at 5PM at El Patio.  Also the open mike at La Bodega on Wednesdays in Ajijic on 16th de Septiembre.  Same primo backup band at both venues. Man, these guys are fun to sing with.  But they also know the musical lay of the land and play their own gigs as well.  Iron Horse in Riberas has some kickass country, blues, roots groups showing up.  Then, the other universe of course, Guadalajara.

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9 hours ago, Pianist said:

I am a pianist in town February 6-11. Are there any open mics? I have a piano and amp.

1 post back from yours.

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