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Authentic Tai Chi/Pushing Hands coming to Chapala

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2 hours ago, Yin-Yang @ Chapala said:

Einstein: E=mc2

Energy is where-it's-at!

Check out the challenge to the current materialist paradigm that matter/gravity are where-it's-at...on YT..Electric Universe ...Thunderbolts Project


Oh, Mr. Yang, you are going to do very well here. 

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Pushing Hands with eyes closed...can be a pleasing are freezing sensory experience...like a massage. Additional element...Tai Ji/Pushing Hands...there is the practice of the VERTICAL, rather than the horizontal. As with the spinning top...the gyroscope...the Earth...there are the 2 poles...Yin & Yang...and we Humans are between the Sun/Yang & Earth/Yin polarity. Pushing Hands allows us to open up the polarity circulation. The FLOW. Having a Partner, with a Mutual Contract to be Non-competitive, but rather to help the P experience sitting back/down gradually more...to open the GUA..the zone of Acupuncture Meridians in the loins...so one does not have tension/fear of suddenly being pushed forcefully.  Nevertheless... One stays ALERT...maintaining/deepening one':s ROOT

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8 minutes ago, AngusMactavish said:

Ya buddy!



Angus. Why are you trolling this thread? Seriously. You don't understand the content and apparently are disturbed by it. Go somewhere else.

This post is vulgar, offensive, and uncalled for.

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6 hours ago, moderator5 said:

OK  AngusMactavish; time to back off. I understand what you are trying to say, but it could have been done much more politely,

All I know is that I should be doing more physical activity to remain healthy.

Please don't make one of the moderators lock this thread.


Please don't lock the thread, because a troll posts offensive material in it. This rewards his behavior.

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1 minute ago, ComputerGuy said:

Since there is no "report" option anymore, I request the mods... on behalf of many of us... just delete the ludicrous post. A slap on the wrist while leaving it intact is not effective.


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 Pushing Hands and DAO & Dia-LOGOS

In the ancient Chinese Dao de Jing

(aka Tao de Ching)...

1st Chapter 1st verse

DAO ke dao.

feichang DAO

DAO that can be wordized/verbalized...

isn't the authentic/true/eternal DAO

In the ancient Gospel of John (in Greek)

1st Chapter 1st verse

In the beginning was the:

* LOGOS (Greek)

*WORD (English translat

*VERBO (Spanish translation)

*DAO (Chinese translation)

Dialogue comes from Dia-LOGOS


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40 minutes ago, Yin-Yang @ Chapala said:

Dao de Jing.  Chapter 28

Though knowing what is masculine

You are ready to play the role of female

And content to be a stream in the world


So it is with Pushing Hands

We emphasize cultivating the Yin

As with water...yielding...


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Moon Time

Chinese  roots are in Lunar Calendar

Earth-based Traditions worldwide


-- moon-th of 28days --13moonths

Western Gregorian Calendar is async



Hail Caesar!

Octo...means 8 & October is 10thmonth


Pushing Hands can enable/empower us

to re-charge

to re-sync

Heaven (Tian)

Ren.        (Human)

Di.            (Earth)



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Thanks, Bisbee Gal! The cartoon is a. nuanced example of the dynamic familiar to Meditators/others--the MonkeyMind, ever-restless,jumping from one train-of-thought to the next....living in the Past(shoulda-coulda-woulda) and in the Future (" I will...). The time-proven solution is to give the Monkey-Mind a simple task...such as observing breath/thoughts...

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