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A Notario can do it, and it is legal by international treaty.  Whoever said that it had to be a US notary public is wrong.  You can only use a US notary in the USA and in his local jurisdiction. The exception is a consular notarization at the US Consulate in Guadalajara.

We have used Notaria #5 in Chapala for US transactions, including a real estate sale.

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6 minutes ago, ManxMan said:

The US Consulate comes to LCS once a month and will do notaries. I think the details are on the consulate webpage.

At $50 USD each is reason enough to do an alternate.

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14 hours ago, PULELEHUA said:

Whether using a Notario will fly is entirely dependent on the US based entity asking you to have the document notarized.   Best to ask the requester whether they will accept notarization by a Notario in Mexico.   

They do not have a choice. However, it appears that many of them are unaware of international arrangements and their obligation to abide by them.  In the USA, a notary has no legal competence; just a seal. To use one outside of his jurisdiction could cause serious consequences, if a document were ever reviewed and questioned, and render the transaction void, with possible fraud charges. 

A Mexican Notario is a specialized attorney, with special training, appointed by the State to handle important matters regarding real estate, wills, etc.  Their notarization of a document is a serious matter and the seal is rather impressive.  We have never had one even questioned in the USA.

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