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1 hour ago, hensley said:

All this just to change my address. WOW!

Little story- I had a shop front in town for many years, but a couple years ago I gave that up and now work from my home. I needed to change the business address on file with SAT, INM, and at the local municipality business license office.

Went to INM first, agent at the desk showed me the web page with the tramite I needed to fill out, told me to go home, fill it out and print it, then bring in the print-out. Did it, was easy, and got an email from INM a week later saying the change had been processed and approved, and that there was nothing further I needed to do.

Went to the SAT office, wasn't busy that day, the agent said, no problem, did the change right there and then, I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Then went to change the address on my business license. After waiting for 20 minutes in the line-up,  and telling the girl at the window I needed to change the address on my business license, she told me "Oh, then you'll need to start from scratch and re-apply for a license, bring in all your information,  plus photos of your sign (I don't have a sign- my clients know where I live), get the safety inspection from the bomberos,  pay the garbage fee again, and pay the license fee again (it was only halfway through the year I had already paid the license on). I said " Oh, I think you misunderstood, nothing has changed except for the address". Response: yes, you have to start from scratch. I said "You know what, just forget it"., and walked away.

Never did reapply for business license. They would never be able to find my house, even locals sometimes have to call me twice because they are lost, SAT has never asked me to show a business license (as long as you are filing and paying taxes owed, that's all they apparently care about) and an accountant told me that a license is not required for a home/based business with no employees or business sign, at least in my area.


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