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Drivers License Proof of Address


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In my experience a lease is never adequate proof of address as anyone could draw one up...nothing official about it. They want a utility bill to prove that the address is real and occupied, i.e., someone is paying the water, electricity, or phone at the address.  That is why they don't care that your name isn't on the bill of a rented property.  You borrow a bill from the landlord to use for the day.  In American logic we think we need to associate our name with the rental address to prove to the official that we live there but the Mexican officials are ferreting out people who try to scam a renewal using a fake or unoccupied address.

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When husband renewed his license last year, he used the domicile proof of residency thing from Chapala Municipal. It was a pain in the butt but it worked. Just an FYI. It's important that your name is the same on all documents. A friend uses both her maiden and married names and it was a real mess.

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