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Short term parking for an RV


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2 hours ago, conejorapido said:

The rv park on Allan W. Lloyd in San Antonio opposite the entrance to El Parque. And the self storage operation next to Domino's Pizza also has rv storage and would likely be more secure than the one in San Antonio.

the rv on allan w lloyd no exixt security and very expansive.....in san antonio...ramon velasquez..next to centro de salud a good service and instalacion...

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I have a place in Chapala with full hookups and he can store his RV here. High walls and razor wire surround my place. The RV can be no longer than 33 feet or more than 13 1/2 feet high, to get thru the streets. The gates are 12 feet wide so plenty of room to get in. $300 weekly if storing, if he wants hookups we can negotiate the price. I used to let friends stay for free till I received a $4995 electric bill. Yep that is correct. My bill usually runs about $110 for 2 months, I conserve electric. I will be in Chapala the end of January, travel in my RV also. I cross at Nogales and take the Pacific coast highway. Would he be interested in traveling together? Ron

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