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Fitness Class Will Resume this Week January 11, 2018


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Location:  Lakeside Presbyterian Church

Day:  Thursday

Time: 10:45 to 11:45 am.

Cost: 50 pesos.  Pay as you go.

Bring: Mat, light weights, towel, water bottle.

Wear: Appropriate comfortable fitness clothes, with good shoes, thick soles.

Patti's special exercises for painful knees and stiff muscles, working with light weights; emphasis on stretching.  The first 30minutes are warm up and cardio.  The second 30 minutes is mat work, weights, stretching, cool down.

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San Jorge #250 | Riberas del Pilar | Ajijic/Chapala, Jalisco | 376.106.0853

To get there:

Turn towards the lake at the corner where Mom's Restaurant is located.  It's about three blocks down and the church is on the right.  The class is held upstairs in the balcony area.

BTW, this class is not just for women.

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Class is no longer being held due to lack of participants. If anyone is interested in starting up a group with me here in Ajijic with Patti, please post here or PM me. She is so good and I hate to not have a class with her. She also does personal training, but I prefer a class.

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