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Maybe you relate - maybe you think I'm crazy.

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Thought I would share my post from my dog's blog that I posted today.  Were my steps of landing Lakeside similar or left field to the ones that brought you here? (I'm just seeking reassurance that I'm not TOTALLY certifiable. Love me dang it!!!) 



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9 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

Very entertaining, thanks for posting the link.  Looks like from your pictures the first place was in La Floresta.  Was the second one there as well?

No. The first place was almost a half an acre in West Ajijic. It had a full casita and a cute two bedroom house but the house was from the 50's and needed new electric and plumbing. I still thought it was worth it due to the lot size. Strangely enough after my offer the owners started changing their minds about what was included.  Originally it was all furnishing which was also a draw as there were some old wood carved pieces I wanted.  It became clear to me these people wanted to get into a long haggle and I didn't have time.  It sat unsold until a few months ago.  

The home I purchased without ever having looked at it is a tiny place in Upper La Floresta. It was fully furnished as well and I was thrilled when actually seeing it for the first time.  I have had five months of remodeling but that was because I went with the wrong architect and his crew of guys with nothing but hammers and a chisel.  Since I hired this second crew - complete with jackhammers and airguns - things are moving at a sane pace and without the mess from the first crew. The only hold up now is getting the cabinet maker I want. He is busy till mid February but nice wood work really goes a long way in my book so I am waiting.

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we can relate to much of your experiences.  Did you indeed buy a car?  I think the 180 limit is for the visitor visa.  Temporal viva allows one to keep a car as long as the visa is in force.  If you did buy a car, did you have to wait for the final visa papers to come thru or was some kind of number all that was needed?

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