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What to do with found dog

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I need some advice.

We're staying at La Joya Del Lago and a smallish, six-month old(?), border collie-cross puppy followed us home on our walk yesterday. We tried shooing him away but he was desperate for attention and wouldn't leave us for more than a few minutes at a time. Since we got home late yesterday afternoon he hasn't left the complex. We tried shooing him away and we didn't give him any food or water in the hope he'd head home. He's not starving or scruffy  and he doesn't shy away from contact so we think he's someone's lost pet.

This morning, when I opened our door to let our own dog out for a pee the puppy was curled in a ball outside my door. I know it's probably the wrong thing to do but he hasn't eaten or had any water all afternoon and all night so I fed him and gave him water and he's now sleeping back outside our door again.

What do we do? He can't stay here - the other guests and the staff will be PO'd if they find out we fed him - but we can't just throw a rock at him to make him leave. 

If I owned a house I'd keep him for a few days and put up some flyers but here that's just not possible

Any advice greatly appreciated


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