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Renewing of Car Tax 2018

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Yes immigration only place to get CURP, processing time same day in Guadalajara and in Chapala 2 to 10 days.  My office can also apply as we go daily.

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Pay online: http://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/

Need plate number and last digits of vehicle serial number - this info is on last year's Tarjeta de Circulacion.

Print out the bill and take it to a bank or Oxxo. You pick up the Tarjeta in a couple of months when the lines are gone. (Print it out the day you are going to pay it. The printout is only good for that day.)

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On 1/5/2018 at 10:47 PM, mexilady said:

Spencer, A couple of years ago we got ours by going to the Delagacion in Ajijic and five minutes later we had them. Is that not possible today?

Not possible any more, only through immigration

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Be a bit careful on RFC#.

My experience is an RFC# blank spot on a form often gets filled in with an anonymous RFC# by the vendor, sometimes even sometimes by government agency personnel.

However, if an RFC# personally assigned to you is truly required (often times they waive the requirement), then make sure you have obtained one.

Obviously, Spencer knows all about this past practice, but more and more now I am running into transaction situations where I am asked for not just CURP but for an RFC#.

I understand it to be a tax I.D.

It is a registration with sat.gob.mx or in other words Hacienda, the IRS of Mexico.

If your name does not associate with the RFC# on the Mexico government website, then past vendors may have been using any old anonymous RFC#.

Spencer's office can get you an RFC# assigned to your name.

Get it printed out from the government website, and for future demands or transactions, you have your proof of a true authentic RFC# assigned only to you.

Sorry to belabor this explanation, but it might save people time and frustration if they really do not have their own RFC# and at the last minute are asked for it along with CURP#.


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1 hour ago, Mainecoons said:

If a car is owned by husband and wife do we have to bring TWO RFC numbers?

I'm puzzled as to exactly what car plates have to do with Hacienda.  Looks like a fishing expedition to me.

We had to have RFCs to register our car purchased in Sept. 2017 (joint owners, 2 RFCs).  It looks like they are collecting RFCs on renewals for cars purchased prior to the RFC requirement for initial registration.  

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