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The Life and Times of Mister Coo

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So in  my little pueblo on a street that leads to the centro I have passed this particular house for three years.  Hanging on the wall is a tiny cage with a large pigeon languishing inside, hardly enough space to open his wings.

A month ago I had business with the man of the house.  As I was leaving his wife was feeding her birds.  I told her I'd give her 100 Pesos for the pigeon.  That's twice the going rate.* She was delighted! 

I took the cage with me with a promise I'd return it.  He was hard to remove cause he didn't fit through the door.  So I unlatched the floor, laid the cage on its side and prompted him to leave .. no tamale. 

I left the cage there for two hours.  I checked back and found he was still standing there afraid to leave.  

I had to force him out.  He couldn't fly, logically.  He'd been in that cage all of his life ... four years.

He likes me, follows me around as a duckling would.  His home is my tras patio which has a make-shift roof.  Now he can fly the length of the patio, and looking much more agile.


The good part is that all those insects that used to socialize in the patio are no longer seen.  Either he eats them or they are afraid and don't come out.  

I've left the patio door open a few times, he'll stand there in the doorway looking around but never takes a step outside.

*The going rate.  In this town they are worth 50 Pesos.  Up the street is a shooting range, Club Cenitico or something like that.  Get this, they buy pigeons.  They are used in place of those clay hurling disks we've all seen at shotgun ranges in movies and TV.    Cabrones!

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