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The Chapalaweather site has been our regular go to site for weather and its links to ajijicnews.com, SuspiciousObservers, and many other useful sites. When it went down earlier this last year we bookmarked our favorites. Upon its reinception we deleted those bookmarks and now it says its no more? What happened? Any reason its fans were not given a heads up? What a way to start the year, like losing an old friend...

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9 minutes ago, giltner68 said:

La Floresta is a different station with different weather equipment, it's IJALISCO63 in WU with no website, while the original ChapalaWeather was IJALISCO25. The original CW has ceased operations. An attempt to continue it was made, it wasn't successful.

Wish you had given us all a heads up so we could save our favorite links...thanks for all the years of great service, sorry you couldn't work out the transition.

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For myself, ( a few years away from living in Ajijic),  I truely enjoyed looking at the weather site, not sure what the difference was but I agree it was like an old friend and also a bit of an attraction as the site gave a great picture of all things weather related.

I can speak for myself that is a modest fee for use would keep the site alive I would gladly support it and I would suspect  many would.

i would also like to thank those who developed it and those who have kept it alive


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The Chapala Weather net was very important to me and I greatly appreciate all the effort that went in to creating and running this website. '

When I am up north several times per year for short visits, it was one of the ways I kept in touch with my favorite place to live along the shores of Lake Chapala. When lakeside, it was a site I went to several types per day.

I too was hoping we could have had a chance to copy some of the important links on the upper left side of the website.  I also liked the solar page because I create all of my hot water and most all of my electricity using hot water and photo voltaic solar panels. I to will be PMing you hoping you can give me two links that I would have saved had I known that the site was going down again

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http://www.ajijicweather.com/ provides lots of information - webcam of the lake, lightning strikes, weather.

https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IJOCOTEP4&cm_ven=localwx_pwsdash is a handy weather station for anyone (like me) interested in current conditions in the Raquet Club.


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