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Bridge to be built from Chapala to San Luis Soyotlan in 2018


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Dated December 28.  I believe that day is a Mexican version of April Fool's Day.

Translated last paragraph:


This is the largest work in the history of Chapala and is expected to generate more tourism on the riverbank. "Innocent popcorn you let yourself be fooled into". Happy Day of the Holy Innocents wishes you Laguna Weekly.


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48 minutes ago, Metuchenmama said:

Remember the alligators in the lake that had escaped from the alligator  farm in Jamay?  That was a beaut and had legs as people claimed they had spotted them or farmers swore their pigs were being eaten by them.  Stories were told and passed around for weeks.

Thanks for reminding me of that one!  Our cook said she had forbidden her 4 children from going anywhere near the lake for fear of them being eaten by the alligators. Every year the stories "get" someone, haha.

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