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Came back from the States with parts of 2 CPAPs left behind. I need to make one of them work. One is a ResMed AirSense 10 for which I need the plug that goes in the right side when one is not using a humidifier. The other is a Resperonics REMstarPlus M Series for which I need a 12V-3A power cord. Any help you can send my way will be greatly appreciated. Trying to sleep in the recliner is getting really old. Thanx.
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There is a Resmed distributor in Guadalajara where I go to get parts.


Aerosol Medical Systems

Justo Sierra #2512

Col. Ladron de Guevara, GDL

Tel: 3641-5089

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Holy Cow.  I've been so busy running around looking for solutions I just now noticed the responses to my query.  Thanx.  Having come up with nothing locally, I'm going to Guad tomorrow.  I'll check out Aerosol & if I don't have any luck I may be calling you, Jim.  Thanx, again.

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