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NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

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Just now, AngusMactavish said:

I can only relay what the facilitator in Colima told me when I asked for help, trying to avoid those in Guadalajara. She had helped a friend get his and he couldn't speak or read the most basic Spanish sentences.

When AMLO came into office most of the branch managers were replaced.  My friends used an atty in Chapala in 2019. You could check again if you still haven't done it yet. 

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Last Thursday (Nov 1st) I went to Guadalajara for my citizenship exam.  It was the end of a long process, that involved a trip to Mexico city, numerous rewrites of my entrances and exits because t

The SRE is apparently retiring the previous citizenship exam at the end of 2017. A new one will be put into place starting January 08, 2018. The old "Guia de Estudio" had a list of 100 Mexico-rel

I am pretty sure that most Mexicans could not pass the history portion of the citizenship test.  I'm positive that most American citizens could not pass the citizenship test in the US!  I think the te

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On 7/16/2020 at 4:37 PM, Brenda26 said:

Hola,  So I think I might finally be getting somewhere with No Antecedentes Penales Federal.  I have been calling weekly to Mexico City, no answer!  I also sent all the required docs to the appointment email.  No answer!  A couple weeks ago I asked a notary to help with getting this document.  She is getting somewhere!  She forwarded an email asking to send all my documents and they will get it done in short time.   Hopefully very soon!  I think Mexico city must be answering professional people before replying to the public.  So if this is done...then I can go for my test (I hope)  I had an email from the Colima office, and everything in Colima is still suspended.  My question to those of you living in the Guadalajara area, do you know if Citizenship is operating in there?    Do I need an appointment?  I would like to get this done, I have been studying for the exam for so long!  I can't stop studying or I will forget everything!  Thanks again for any advice on this!

Hello! Do you know the email address where this person from No antecedentes replied? I have been trying to get a contact with them but no answers... Thank you!

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