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NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

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Yikes, I KNEW I should have gotten that done before 2018.  And, YES, there are many here who wish to become Mexican Citizens who are younger than 60.  So, that means more studying for the test.

Once again, procrastination has bitten me in the arse!

Wishing all good luck on your Exams and I'll begin to study the new material in January.

Happy New Year and success on becoming Mexican Citizens!

Valerie :)

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Last Thursday (Nov 1st) I went to Guadalajara for my citizenship exam.  It was the end of a long process, that involved a trip to Mexico city, numerous rewrites of my entrances and exits because t

The SRE is apparently retiring the previous citizenship exam at the end of 2017. A new one will be put into place starting January 08, 2018. The old "Guia de Estudio" had a list of 100 Mexico-rel

I am pretty sure that most Mexicans could not pass the history portion of the citizenship test.  I'm positive that most American citizens could not pass the citizenship test in the US!  I think the te

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In my years here I have seen much of the this: What the USA does Mexico will do too.  It just takes them a few years or so to implement, like no smoking in public places, gay bashing, women's rights.

When horific border stories of abuse come to the Mexican press, it's a matter of hours till the Mexican migra start gettinig in your face.

If Mexico makes it as hard for you to migrate as it is for them to do the same, that should tell you that they want you as much as the US wants them.  

What's worse is to realize that even though you bring cash, education, support the local business', don't make trouble .. they still don't want you.  

Same in Thailand.  If they require a monthly income of $3,000 and a bank account of 100,000 one gets the idea he/she's not wanted.

The last thing the government a poor corrupt nation wants is an educated population.   Although we don't educate pofolk in an academic sense, yes, we do edcucate them.  We show them what we have, what they will never have.  Who knows, they might start expecting or even demanding more from life.  


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On 1/10/2018 at 6:52 PM, modeeper said:

What's worse is to realize that even though you bring cash, education, support the local business', don't make trouble .. they still don't want you. 

Boy, that hasn't been our experience at all.  You've indicated where you live in GDL isn't the greatest, maybe you really should think about relocating. 

From the immigration officials we've had contact with, to our domestic help and the local businesses I can count on the fingers of two hands all the less than friendly we've encountered in 10 years.  Sure the Transitos try and rip some off and tend to look for those U.S. and Canadian plates, but even they aren't the problem they used to be and that pretty much disappeared when we switched to a car with Jalisco plates.

Entering at Pharr, we are always greeted in a friendly manner and they want to chat when they find out we live at Lake Chapala.  Even the toll booth employees usually greet us with a smile.  Never had the Mexican "migra" be anything other than friendly and helpful.

What are we doing wrong?  :D



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I agree with some of that.  I think what you may not be aware of is the soul of a Mexican.  Caballerismo rules here.  They are forced by Centuries of culture to be friendly, kind, hospitable ... in face to face situations.  What they say or what they think is something you'll never know.  Our observations fall into what's called, the fallacy of visual knowledge.  

Dood, I've been here for more than half my life.  Once a Mexican gets beyond my appearance they think of me as a Mexican.  I know nobody wants to hear that sh*t but that's how it is.

If you saw the Chapala video I posted a few weeks ago, the narrator, who spoke the clearest most coherent Spanish you could ever hope for, made some points.  One was that only a small portion of the locals are native locals.  Your locals came from all over Mexico looking for employment.  Not much different than those who go to the USA.

Why aren't street dogs human-aggressive?  They're dependant.  Get my drift?

Doesn't matter what the people think of us, it's the analisis the government heads have decided what's best for them, not the nation, them.  As much of the USA is worried about the browning of America maybe the government here is worried about the whiting of Mexico.

The people want your cash and some want your cash and whatever you bring that would make their life better.   Too bad they don't represent the ruling body.

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Okay, let's not wade into subjectively racist waters. This topic is meant to be strictly informational, leave your metaphors at the door.

I went for my appointment today. I asked about the previous exam age limit that was removed from the SRE website. I was told that if you are over 61 & from a Latin American country, you will not have to sit for any tests. If you are over 61 & not of Latin American origin, you will not have to take the history/geography/culture/gastronomy test. You will, however, have to sit for a written Spanish language exam regardless of your age.

The Spanish language exam involves reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, conjugation, etc. You will read an article in Spanish then answer questions about the article in essay form in written Spanish. You will be judged on all the annoying little details such as accent marks, capitalization, correct verb conjugation, etc.

I would love to provide details on the history/culture exam, but they were very secretive about it, & I would not want to get in any trouble by revealing things I should not. No pictures, no cell phones, & no recording devices or phone-a-friend help were of course allowed. If only there were some kind of anonymous source with a borderline photographic memory who is definitely NOT me who could remember all the questions & answers & pass them to us..........


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They will take you to a secret conference room where they will give you 5 minutes on a timer to answer 10 multiple choice questions. I was told that to date, no one has passed this particular exam. I am hereby providing this guide anonymously as a token of my love & respect for the Mexican people & my desire to educate the international community about our beautiful culture & history.

The questions I was given, to the best of my recollection, along with their corresponding answers were the following (the parentheses mean that I don't remember the exact wording/name & am paraphrasing):

1: Que lugar ocupa la economia de Mexico en el mundo? - 15o lugar
2: Quien fue el astronauta mexicano que viajó al espacio en la misón STS-61-B del Transbordador Espacial Atlantis? - Rodolfo Neri Vela
3: Como se llama (la cultura) que inventó el "0"? - Maya
4: Cual es la comida tipica de Nuevo Leon? - Cabrito
5: Cual es el significado del nombre "Cuauhtemoc" en el idioma náhuatl? - El Aguila del Sur
6: Como se llama el premio concedido anualmente por la Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematograficas? - Ariel
7: El arpa tiene un lugar privilegiado en la musica de que estado mexicano? - Vera Cruz
8: Como se llamaba el dios azteca de la guerra? - Huitzilopochtli
9: A que se refiere (el apelativo) de La Mujer Dormida y (El Cerro Que Humea)? - Iztaccihuatl y Popocatepetl
10: Que faceta de la cultura mexicana fue representada por (Alfonso Reyes,) Juan Rulfo, y (Rosario Castellanos)? - La narrativa mexicana

NOTE: There are multiple versions of this test. This is the one to which I was given access. If anyone sees or takes a different version THIS YEAR, please upload your recollection of the questions/answers. We would all be much obliged.

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^^^ It was all Greek to me, without seeing the choices.  

But consider this:  

If the exam is easy they want you to pass, i.e. they want you to be a citizen.

If the exam is difficult ... well, you know.

Study guide US citizenship exam:


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7 hours ago, Joe Johnstun said:

leave your metaphors at the door.  Let's not wade into racist waters. 

The Spanish language exam involves reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, conjugation, etc. You will read an article in Spanish then answer questions about the article in essay form in written Spanish 

Oh yes sir, 10 posts.

If you can't define racism correctly Google it.  

Thanks, I never knew what a reading comprehension test was.   

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I have this old hag alkie exfriend in La Paz BCS.  See calls me, "Oh Mo, please come to my citizenship party tomorrow night.  I did it!  I passed, I want to show you my new passport!"  So I went.

Later on as she was starting to head for the floor with drunkeness.  I threw her a fish hook.

"Hey XXXXX, how much did you pay Lic Alverez (her sleazy attorney) for your passport?"  "5000Pesos."  :unsure:

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On 1/12/2018 at 11:46 PM, Joe Johnstun said:

Hi Sonia. Why did you post this link here?

DUH... ¿Leíste el sitio web?

The link is the latest in how one applies for citizenship. You need to apply before you get to the exam. Feeling a little insecure are you?

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Once you have all your papers in order, you can take the exam(s). The paperwork is the easy part. The problem is, the exam questions are no longer provided. This topic is an attempt to address that particular problem, not the rest of the process (which is pretty self-explanatory). Please no spam, Sonia.

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(2nd Version)

1. ¿A quien se le conoce como el Centauro del Norte? - Francisco Villa
2. Acapulco fue durante los siglos XVII y XVIII un importante puerto porque controlaba la navegación
en el _____. - Océano Pacífico
3. Nombre del partido político que gobernó durante 7 décadas en el siglo XX: _____. - Partido Revolucionario Institucional
4. El teatro de mayor prestigio en la ciudad de México es el: _____. - Palacio de Bellas Artes
5. ¿Cuál es el número total de senadores en México? - 128
6. ¿En que estado de la republica se encuentra el Cerro de la Silla? - Nuevo Leon
7. ¿Cuál era el nombre de México durante el periodo colonial? - Nueva España
8. ¿Cuál es la fecha en que se celebra el Dia de las Mamas en México? - El 10 de Mayo
9. ¿Cuál es nombre del mexicano que recibió el premio Nobel de Literatura? - Octavio Paz
10. ¿Cuál fue la aportación mas importante del científico mexicano Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas? - Inventó el primer anticonceptivo oral

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Thanks Anonymous Source! Had I faced those questions in multiple choice format, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten 70% correct. Pretty sure. I KNOW I would have gottem 60%, so surely I would have gotten at least one more by educated guess, right? Ja! Not much worried about the Spanish. This will be fun....unless you tell us we need 90% to pass! :huh:

How did it go for you, Joe Johnstun?

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The 2nd test is much easier, yes. 70% won't help though, you need at least 80% to pass.

I also knew 6 of the questions & had to educatedly guess the other 4. The multiple choices for "how many senators" were: 500; 127; 128; 129.

The Spanish test is extremely easy. In Part One, you read a few paragraphs out loud then answer multiple choice questions about what you just read. In Part Two, you pick a photo at random out of a book of photos, then write 3 grammatically-correct sentences in Spanish about that photo. Any sentences of any length about anything tangentially related to the photo.

I got a photo of a Mexican running a marathon. I wrote, "Vargas is wearing sunglasses," & "Vargas isn't worried that he's in 2nd place because he's saving his strength," etc, etc.

As to how it went for me, I officially became the 1st motherfucker ever in all of history to pass the new & impossible 2018 Mexican Nationality Exam, & got a big 000001 on my application, which is now being processed. The agents said there are usually at least 20 applications every month, but every single one this month had failed due to the new test format. Hopefully now that Anonymous Source has the released the questions/answers for the first 2 test versions, more people can pass.

Good luck, Travis, you got this!

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I am a bit confused on the new exam.  From Surviving Yucatan I find this quote:

The first change (reported from Jalisco) is that foreigner applicants over age 60(59?) from non-Spanish speaking countries, (like Canada, USA, Gr. Britain et al) will have to take both written & oral Spanish language exams to prove competency in Spanish.
… “If you are over 61 & from a Latin American country, you will not have to sit for any written tests. If you are over 61 &  not  of Latin American origin, you will not have to take the history-geography-culture-gastronomy written test. You will, however, have to sit for a written Spanish language exam regardless of your age. …

It seems that Joe Johnstun did have to take the  history-geography-culture-gastronomy written test. 

I believe that congratulations are in order!

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