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Time of CREM concert: 5 pm


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That is what 1700 Hrs means.  For those who wonder, it is simply the 24 Hr. system, as used in many parts of the world, including Mexico.

0100 = 1AM

0200 = 2 AM

1100 = 11 AM

1200 = Noon

1300 = 1 PM

1500 = 3 PM

1700 = 5 PM

1900 = 7PM

2100 = 9PM

2400 = Midnight, or 0000, with 0001 being one minute after midnight.


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Having been exposed to the 24 hour clock all my life, are there many these days who do not understand the 24 hour clock?

If this question sounds a little arrogant or rude I am sorry. It's just that I thought that the folks in most all countries were exposed to the 24 hour clock, especially Canada and the US where one can change all of their newer electric clocks to either 12 or 24 hours.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

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It was more generally know in the USA when folks rode trains, as “railroad time“ used the 24 hour system, and the military folks are all familiar with it, too.  However, there is now a generation that missed the Draft, or never served voluntarily, and may never have used trains for cross-country trips, as we did back in the “old days“.   It is a simple and more convenient system, but folks in the USA have been deemed unable to handle the complications of the metric system, and there may be some connection in our minds which prevents us from doing things “like everybody else on the planet“.  That and speaking three or five languages.   What is wrong with us?   :wacko:

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