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US Telephone Number in MX

Sam Laundon

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I have now been in the Lake Chapala area for a month and have a question for those that use their US phone number down here.

I have a US business and need to keep my US telephone number (Verizon). I am finding that the cell phone does not always ring on incoming calls, though I do usually get a voice mail. It seems the problem is with forwarding the call through Telcel.  Do you have this issue also? Have you found a solution to the issue?

I need to keep my US number because it is on my website.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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You probably want to consider a VOIP service and port that number over to it. Skype, Vonage and Ooma are just a few suggestions, there are many more. Sr. Google is your friend. We use Ooma and have their app on our phones in addition to a landline in our home. Calls to our US number ring on both connections. Our cost is under $5 US per month, we just pay the US tax that every phone number there must pay. You will probably get other suggestions but remember that the ability to receive a call on your cell depends on where you happen to be. Lots more dead areas in Mexico than in the US.

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