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If you are looking for a NY/ NJ style thin personal pizza, at a good price, check out Jitomate on the lake side of the carretera next to Anchler in west Ajijic - just past the army checkpoint. it would make my neapolitan grandma happy! He is also planning specials, rabbit first. I am also talking to him about producing authentic Italian sausage. he is already doing a pretty good salami.

Open 10 - 10 , closed tuesday and wednesdays

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we've now had three of their eleven pizzas and all have been the best we've had in Mexico. He is having the specials. Rabbit in a mustard sauce, shrimp in a cheese sauce and an organic italian salad. Had the salad, shared it and loved it. The specials are said to change daily.

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14 hours ago, HarryB said:

33 35 97 30 76 Home delivery from La Floresta west after first of year.:)


13 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

"from La Floresta west"? They are moving?

I ***think*** Harry is saying that Jitomate will deliver between their location in far West Ajijic and La Floresta starting next year.  

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