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How many originals of each apostilled document to bring?


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I wonder how many originals of each apostilled document I need to bring?  I am applying for permanent residency and my husband for temporary.  I believe we don't need them at the consulate but we will need them once we arrive in Mexico.  Or will photocopies of the original apostilled documents be sufficient? 


We will get an apostille of my husband's divorce decree, but I wonder how anyone would even know that he was married before, unless we tell them.  On this, I'm just curious. We will obtain and bring the recommended number of apostilles of the document.  Thanks!

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19 hours ago, elisabeth said:

I keep hearing how expensive it is to get them once you are in Mexico.

It would not be any more expensive if you have them mailed to a US address and then forwarded down here.  I ordered a few marriage license apostiles from Pennsylvania in 2012;  had them mailed to my TX box (HandyMail).  I never needed them for either the FM2 back in 2012, nor  for our RPs at the MXN consulate in FL, and completed here in Chapala earlier this year.  

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