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Need to screen in back patio.


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In a similar situation, we had an ironworker use the sturdy iron screenwork in frames made to fit.  Ours were spray painted black and were as good as new ten years later, when we sold.  They cannot be cut by burglars, damaged by pets, and can be hosed off or scrubbed with a brush, etc.  Loved them!   Such screening is sold in the USA as “security screening“.

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All I remember is “José from Ajijic“, who was hired by my contractor, Pablo Marquez, of Ajijic.  Say Hi, if you find them; probably in the Seiz Esquinas area, up to to the carretera, but below Doña Lola...Interior house on the right (east side).

It would take some serious tools to cut. A burglar would need a power tool or a hefty axe, etc. A knife or machete would not cut it.

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