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Shortcake disaster

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Costco doesn't have the tins of Walker's shortbread this year. Where can you buy good shortbread Lakeside?

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Unlike up north sometimes the Costco stores temporarily, sometimes for more than a month, run our of product. down here .

I hope that is the case with the product you mentioned above. It was the case with my favorite rum.

Now when I see a product that I really like, I always buy too much when shopping at Costco.

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Talk about a deceptive post - title says SHORTCAKE disaster; I had visions of a shortcake, layered in berries & whipped cream that ended up on the floor and the dog ate just before company showed up = disaster 

Shortbread, now that is an entirely different item and, for a few, a christmas tradition. Hmmm, personally we like whipped shortbread - melt in your mouth goodness. Never developed a taste for Scotch shortbread.

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1 hour ago, El Saltos said:

Shortcake or shortbread?

You are right. I meant short bread. 

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